What To Give On Valentine’s Day?

What To Give On Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is a tradition of giving gifts to beloved ones. It has been celebrating on February 14 from a long time ago and it’s common in many countries. Some people said it’s an important day to show love to loved ones and many people say it has been organized for financial gain.

To show feelings of love, many love symbols (things) like cards, chocolates,  flowers and love letters are common in lovers by giving these symbols  Valentine’s Day is celebrated. A person can do anything to show it’s love so, in tradition, these gifts are used to.  These gift items are considered as a love symbol but anything can be a gift, it could be clothing, jewelry, cosmetic, items of home decoration, perfumes, wrist watches, keys, or padlocks symbolizing the “unlocking” and “lock” of someone else’s heart, anything you can give to your love.

Exchanging cards at every 14th February has been experienced from a long time. European believed that birds began to meet at 14th of February so they had a tradition to exchanging love letters.

A celebration of Valentine’s Day has been customized.

When Charles II of Sweden brought a Persian poetical art to his country, flowers as a gift perhaps started and called “The Language of Flowers”. Then we knew that flowers have an important role in people’s living like passing top secret messages.

On February 14th red rose is the most popular flower. Rose is the most popular flower given on February 14. Beside affection, a rose symbolizes peace and absolution as well. It has been an essential symbol of Valentine’s Day.  Rose is the favorite flower of Venus. The famous red rose means a strong and extreme feeling of love. Hence, red roses are generally seen for the duration of Valentine’s Day. A pink rose may mean friendship or romantic relationship.  A white for peace and yellow rose means friendship.

Other than a rose, there is an assortment of flowers to browse. These flowers, as a rule, have signified meaning as well. A Daisy means innocence.  An Anemone means dying love. Fuchsia is elegance, A Lily is a purity, Poppy is a consolation, Sunflower is warmth feeling,  Snowdrop is hope, and a red Tulip is a statement of strong love while yellow means hopeless love.

Cards express feelings between two lovers with beautiful words. Verity of cards is available in the market. Furthermore, three-dimensional cards to outlined electronic messages. Most of the people used hand made cards. Some buy these handmade cards from the market and some make them themselves. People not only give cards to each other, they also giving love tokens, flowers, and chocolates as a gift.

The Shakespeare’s famous unreal characters Romeo and Juliet’s home get approximately 1000 love letters for Juliet on every 14th February in the city of Verona in Itlay.

Another famous gift for this special day is chocolates.

A chocolate is another famous gift during this day. Some old customs as of now include chocolates as Valentine’s Day blessings. A few producers have made heart-molded chocolates and decorated a box of chocolates only for Valentine’s Day.

Thus, pretty much anything goes on Valentine’s Day.

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