Barkhaa Movie Review

Barkhaa Movie Review

Critic’s Rating: 1.5/5
Avg Readers’ Rating: 1.6/5
CAST:Sara Loren, Taaha Shah, Priyanshu Chatterjee, Shweta Pandit, Puneet Issar
DIRECTION:Shadaab Mirza
DURATION:1 hour 58 minutes
STORY: Rich kid meets poor young lady whose wellspring of wage isn’t respectable as indicated by his gang. Will they get together and live joyfully ever after, much against the societal weight?REVIEW: Jatin (Taaha Shah), an attorney’s child, becomes hopelessly enamored with Barkhaa (Loren) the minute he sees her in Himachal. He tries his best to seek after her however she is hesitant since she is scarred inwardly. Barkhaa, who lives up to expectations in a bar professionally, prevents Jatin from proposing marriage to her however he demands. He takes her to his guardians yet they dislike the relationship protesting her calling. Can the two get together against his family’s wishes and what is Barkhaa’s baffling past about?

The film is a fair look for those, who oddly enough may need for the 70’s acting. It brags of a bygone story and an anticipated plot, with the on-screen characters gushing done to death dialogs all through. On the off chance that you need to return to that period of Bollywood, where ladies were unendingly despondent and had a “majboori” for being that way, you can watch this one. Else, dodge.

Loren looks great yet is excessively wooden. Additionally, excepting cinematography and music, different parts of the film are far excessively average and prosaic for your preferring. Unfortunately its 2015 and this equation based dramatization has nothing but the same old thing new to offer.


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