Soon Condoms To Feel Like The Real Thing

Soon Condoms To Feel Like The Real Thing

Researchers are outlining ultra-tough condoms they claim could feel like the “real thing” and far superior to nothing by any means.

Researchers at the University of Wollongong in Australia are working with a ultra-intense material called hydrogel that could be utilized to make condoms that really feels great.

Hydrogels are solid and adaptable solids that have been utilized for quite a long time, yet have all the more as of late been designed to have a scope of distinctive properties. A standout amongst the most encouraging was the truth they could be made to feel and act like human tissue, and are as of now being broadly utilized as a part of prosthetics to make things, for example, veins and even eye inserts.

Be that as it may the Australian group, drove by materials researcher Robert Gorkin, chose to make things one stride further, and explore whether hydrogel could supplant latex to make condoms that individuals really need to utilize.

Hydrogels could be built to perform a wide range of distinctive functionalities, for example, oil toward oneself, topical medication conveyance, biodegradability and even electric conductivity.

Analysts planning to plan the item to suit for around the social and social requirements for anticonception medication.

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